We Need Volunteer Help


Do good with your time by volunteering to help a needy person find flexible employment. We cover all of Florida but specifically need people in Palm Beach County, FL. From Boca Raton in the south to Jupiter in the north, we need you.

For general inquiries on how you can become a volunteer, contact Kathy at board@lifemngt.com

We’re currently seeking volunteers for the following areas:

Job Search – Contact list of approved employers to secure new positions for our recipients.
Qualify Recipients – Contact the individual and hear their story and why they are in need. Follow the official LMF guidelines.
Support – For just a few hours a week, respond to emails and website queries about our non-profit and activities.

Become a Volunteer

We need donations, yes of course, but we need volunteers more. Why? We’re a people first charity and we need people to help people. These people are volunteers, not paid employees.

Money donations are always welcome but time donations are better.

It’s a good thing that your time is worth more than your money. Why? Being selfless leads to happiness. The more you give up for others, the more selfless you are. Your time is more valuable than money for our recipients and the benefits you get are greater as well.

Life Management of Florida, Inc gives you the opportunity to become a volunteer to help manage the lives of others and give them a better life. Take advantage of this opportunity.

You can become a volunteer for Life Management of Florida whether you’re a resident, seasonal or even vacationing. Let me know you’re interested and we’ll match you with the right person, people and need.

Contact us to inquire about becoming a volunteer.

Please consider volunteering, we need your help. Contact Us here