Florida Challenges


There are challenges everywhere but especially in Florida. Here are some of the challenges that lead to an increased need for life management in Florida.

Immigration: Those with language, culture and educational differences with the native population will face unique challenges. Employment, education and just getting on in life is difficult. Many people make it on their own and achieve the American Dream. Others need help and there’s nothing wrong with that. Give help managing the life of a new Florida resident and neighbor.

Poverty: The state of Florida has a higher rate of poverty than the average in the United States. Poverty leads to challenges in life. This, of course, leads to a great need for life management. Finances and beyond that, necessities of life need to be provided and managed. Life Management of Florida is available to help meet these challenges. With donations and volunteer help, a little bit of good can happen and can lead to a better life for some.

Diversity: Although a neutral concept, diversity in race, ethnicity and more can create challenges. Society creates those challenges. No matter the cause or effect, there’s a need and one that affects Florida in particular. With life management those challenges can be limited and overcome. We can do it.

Transplants and Transients: It’s not just national immigrants that have challenges, it’s ‘immigrants’ to Florida. These transplants from other states bring and have their own challenges. There’s also the transients who come and go. Often they’re overlooked and forgotten. We see them and we see their need.

Drugs: It’s definitely a challenge in Florida. Not the regular street drugs but the ones normally requiring a prescription. The opioid epidemic is in Florida and spreading. The challenges on society, families and individuals is immense.

Weather: Yes, even the weather and not just hurricanes. The warm weather of Florida causes challenges that other states only see in the summer. For youth and those at risk, there’s more time to get in trouble and create challenges. Florida can overcome this ‘weakness’ and instead make it a strength as it’s supposed to be for everybody.

Why Florida? It’s our home, it’s local. We can do the most good here. We should do the most good here. It’s our home, it’s our people and it’s our problem. The challenge can be met with Florida volunteers and Florida born donations. As Floridians, let’s do our part.

We Need Volunteers, We Need You