People First


Life Management of Florida is a people first charity. People give and people receive. It’s not working on behalf of eradicating a disease or helping those in dangerous and underpaid professions, although all these are worthwhile endeavors. We seek to help people, mange the lives of people. People matter and often they just become names on a piece of paper. We believe there’s no better way to help than to go directly to people.

When you can help a specific, individual person manage their lives, there’s so much satisfaction. It isn’t a donation towards a seemingly impossible goal. Your personal help and your donation go directly to actual people in need. You not only know their name, you know their personality. You know their challenges, their needs and wants. You see yourself in them.

Let’s not forget that Florida is made up of people and not just a population. They have names and they have individual lives. Their lives can be managed to produce better lives. Any bit of help matters. Any improvement is better.

We Need Volunteers, We Need You